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Resources-For Sellers

Are you thinking about selling your home?

Ihave put together some great information for you if you are selling orpreparing to sell your home. Be sure to follow the links below to someresources that can make the process of selling your home easier.

SellingYour Home- How to make a great first impression alongwith articles full of good advice.

SellingMistakes- You will want to make sure to visit here for ways to avoidpitfalls!

SellingPrice- How does pricing your home affect the outcome? Be sure to readwhat's here.

Besure to let me know if you have any questions (928) 205-9060

How I Will Market Your Home

 â–¡ Sign in yard

â–¡ On the MLS

â–¡ Enhanced listing on

â–¡ Print Ad in local Real Estate Magazine (space permitting)

â–¡ Syndicated on over 40 real estate websites (ie., Zillow, Trulia)

â–¡ On my personal website (gets over 1,000 visits a month)

â–¡ Create a 1-800 number for buyers to call in to get more information (lead capture)

â–¡ Create a virtual tour video that gets posted on MLS, websites and YouTube

  (This isn't a series of still photos moving to music...this is an actual video of me going through your home)

â–¡ Advertise the home on Craigslist

â–¡ Send weekly statistic reports from Trulia & Zillow to monitor website activity

 What To Expect From Me

â–¡ Feedback on showings

â–¡ Monthly follow up on comparable sales & listings

â–¡ Recommendations on pricing your property



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